Qualcomm To Build Universal Super Chip for GSM 3G, EV-DO and 700MHz Roaming

Qualcomm_Triband_Chip.jpgEverybody is getting into the mobile phone industry's new spirit of openness. Google pushes for open networks for the 700MHz wireless network to be, Verizon answers the call with a pledge to make its network available to all technology, and now Verizon's longtime companion, Qualcomm, has unveiled a chip that will be the heart of one hell of a universal, Android-friendly super phone. The RTR6570 will support the following technologies: • Upcoming 700MHz wireless networks • CDMA network from Sprint or Verizon (1900MHz EV-DO) • HSPA or UMTS data network from AT&T or T-Mobile (850MHz, 1700MHz and 2100MHz)

Now that you're all excited, the bad news is that chip samples won't be ready until the middle of next year, and phones themselves won't hit the market potentially until 2009. But these will certainly be worth the wait: the ability to roam on all three networks means that you will never have to worry about coverage again - though God only knows what the roaming charges will do to your phone bill. [Electronista]

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