PSP Firmware 3.80 Brings Pocket DVR

psp-1seg%2CM-K-37100-3.jpgReason #1092 why Japan is way cooler than us: with the new PSP 3.80 update, Sony is offering DVR to every PSP that uses their optional 1seg (wireless digital video) tuner—think of as a completely wireless Archos. And the best part? While the PSP doesn't have the horsepower to record shows while you play games or surf the internet, it can record in Sleep Mode, meaning that keeping up with your favourite shows is feasible to battery life. And there are a few other decent updates as well.RSS is getting a revamp and improvement, video clips will be searchable by scene and PSP Wi-Fi spots will start offering a few demos and wallpapers. While Sony's recently gone on record that they are aiming to cut down on the amount of firmware updates they release, the PSP and PS3 are both quickly becoming multimedia powerhouses. If only the best functions were available in the US... [famitsu via kotaku]

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