PS3 to Hook Up With Your Mobile

PS3ringringGI.jpgThe Remote Play functionality on the PS3/PSP is great, but Sony intends to extensively develop the feature set for broader external connectivity. Sony's CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, appeared in Tokyo and detailed how Sony intends to push the ever-booming success of the PS3. It is Sony's vision that the PS3 will eventually be able to link up to mobile phones, streaming all kind of media goodness on the go. As you can imagine, the very prospect has our PSP phone speculation senses running into overdrive. The planned connectivity expansion is due to begin rolling out, in some form, by April 2008. Sir Stringer told Reuters, "PlayStation Network next year puts us in the direct line of fire with Apple and Microsoft." Competing with Apple and Microsoft, what on Earth could he possibly have in mind? We agree with the fine folks at Game Spot, who theorise the PS3's guns are lining up against iTunes and Xbox Live. What do you guys make of the comment? Just to get the ball rolling, here are a few PSP phone rumours of old. [Game Spot]

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