PS3 Owners Have More Money to Rock HD Systems, Surround Sound Than Any Other Console

ceprohd.jpgNielsen's survey of the state of console gamer HD setups reveals nothing too shocking, though I suspect the numbers are slightly inflated since participants were from the top 20 U.S. markets, over 18 and played at least one hour a week, skewing it toward more affluent, older and less casual gamers. The quick conclusions though, followed by a longer breakdown w/ fun charts below: A huge proportion of gamers have gone HD, with PS3 owners leading in higher setups—71 per cent gaze at some sort of HDTV, and 54 per cent are enveloped by surround sound, with the 360, and surprisingly, the Wii not too far behind.

THX-Console-Usage-Chart.jpgThat the 360 barely trails PS3 HD rates with 66 per cent isn't mind-blowing—it and the PS3 are geared toward HD and higher end gamers, and have bigger pricetags to match (so if you can afford 'em it's more likely you can afford HD). Plus, both support an HD disc format, so it's no wonder they blow the Wii out of the water in movie watching (which managed 14 percent despite not officially supporting DVD playback). But a certifiably surprising 65 per cent of Wii owners in this survey have HD setups, just 1 per cent fewer than the 360.

THX-Audio-Setup-Chart.jpgYou see the same thing with surround sound—48 percent of 360 owners have surround, and 43 per cent of Wii owners. There is a bit more of a stratification, since the PS3 leads hard in 7.1 adoption, with the Wii trailing most visibly here and shooting way ahead in stock TV speaker usage.
THX-PS3-Display-Setup-Chart.jpg One big blind spot in the study is that (or at least in this report of it) is console cross-ownership. My feeling is that owners of multiple consoles are much more likely to have HD setups w/ surround sound since they've likely got more coin and are more serious about their home theater setup, as well as consumer electronics generally. Like, I would bet that a big chunk of the Wii HD adopters also own a 360 or PS3, though it's clear gamers all around want to see prettier pictures and hear bigger booms. [CEPro via Max Console via Kotaku]

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