Programmable Tux Bot Has Tons of Functions Including Scaring Away Females

tuxbot.jpgSince anyone who's going to buy this Tux Droid already has at least three Linux machines in their house, it's unlikely that they'll care just how nerdy this thing will make them look—which is great, because this penguin bot is actually pretty neat.

The thing's covered in felt and can communicate with the "USB fish" transmitter to wirelessly alert you to emails, RSS feeds, weather reports or breaking news. You can customise him to dance, spin, flap or flash, and can also use him as a VoIP phone, MP3 speaker or alarm clock. AND, you can program him to detect sound (intruder alarm) or light (turn off your TV). Oh, and you can use his text-to-speech to read stuff to you as well. Only $US99. [Firebox]

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