Prince Charles to Appear As Hologram in World Future Energy Summit

charles-hologram.jpgPrince Charles will appear as an "hologram" at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. The system uses a video projector, a screen and a transparent foil to give the illusion that the royal is there, on stage. Apparently, he wants to avoid wasting the resources of flying 7,000 miles with his staff. And of course, previous criticism by the press:

Charles was heavily criticised in January when he and the Duchess of Cornwall flew to Philadelphia with 12 staff to pick up an award from Mr Gore honouring him as an environmentalist. That trip created 20 tons of carbon dioxide.

Looking at all the waste generated by the Bali climate summit and the sad results, maybe they should start using this system for everyone and for all summits, like the Kryptonian senate but without the wacky foil tunics . [The Mail on Sunday]

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