Power House Kit: Your Action-Figures Are Going Green

power_house_kit.jpgIt is high-time that your Star Wars figures, Gi-Joes, and Barbies woke up from their fantasy worlds and realised that in the real world, there are limits to the power we can consume. The first step in their education would be to move into one of these Power Houses and learn what life would be like without fossil fuels. With each kit you can build a small model house complete with solar panels, a windmill, greenhouse and a desalination system —but the lesson in sustainable living does not end there.You can even build and operate an electric train, windmill, solar cooker, solar hot water tank, hygrometer, electric motor, power hoist, and sail car. And let's not forget that action-figures need to eat. You can take care of their needs by planting watercress, preparing sauerkraut, and making chewing gum. All-in-all you can conduct 70 experiments and 20 building projects with the Power House kit —all of which are outlined in the included 90 page instruction manual. Available for $US149.95. [Product Page via EcoGeek]

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