Porn Coming to Blu-ray; PS3 Owners, Jason Chen Very Excited

BDPorn.jpgThe porn industry, having steered clear of Blu-ray and successfully put out titles on HD DVD for the past year, has decided to give the competing HD format a shot. Digital Playground has plans to release Pirates, an adaptation of Treasure Island as I understand it, on BR as its first foray into the format.

Previously, Digital Playground and other porny companies avoided Blu-ray because it's more expensive to produce for and because the Blu-ray camp had its sensibilities offended by the naughty nature of the content. Apparently they got over it when they woke up and realised how much money porn makes, and with the format war far from being over, the porn industry, a big fan of money, decided to just put material out on both. Now both camps can enjoy bruises and razor burn in beautiful 1080p high definition. [CE Pro]

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