Popular Mechanics Call Zune 2, Apple TV 'Worst of the Year'

allardzunes.jpgPopular Mechanics knows how to get people pissed off. They just released their "Worst of the Year" list, and while much of it is the time of crap that I've never heard of that I'm sure is lousy. it has some stuff on it that quite a few people might actually, you know, like. Such as Apple TV, Zune 2 and Pleo. What were they thinking?This is sensationalism to the max. Zune 2 is the worst of the year, really? Are sure it's not at the very least second best? This is stuff that might not have lived up to the editors' high expectations, but it's not the "worst" by any stretch of the imagination. There are dozens of crappy, cheap MP3 players that the Zune blows out of the water, and plenty of mediocre "Internet on TV" solutions that Apple TV makes a fool of. As for Pleo, how is it the worst? Compared to what?

In the end, I'm sure the editors of Popular Mechanics don't really think these things are the worst product releases of the year. But hey, controversy gets clicks and sells magazines, right? Just be a little less blatant about it next year, OK? [Popular Mechanics via CrunchGear]

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