Plastic Hammock Concept Kinda Negates the Whole Point of Garden Swingers

leaf_hammock.jpgThis concept design for a hammock is very admirable, but it fails on many levels. One, it takes away the enjoyment of watching people wrestle unsexily with a bunch of string puporting to be a bed. Two, I am not sure how keen I am on plastic parts (unless, of course, you're talking about Action Man, in which case, Bring. Him. On.) Three, it's not as portable as a an all-rope hammock. And Four, what is so hard about getting into a hammock? Like getting it on in a hammock, practice is everything. Gallery of Pinar Yar & Tugrul Govsa's creation after the jump.


Is it just me, or has that guy got his hand down his pants? You'll go blind, you know. [Yanko]

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