PHS300 Turns Your 3G Mobile into a Personal Hot Spot

onebig.jpgThree months ago, CradlePoint brought out a portable router that let you turn your EV-DO mobile into a wi-fi router, and now they've done it again for 3G phones. Connect your 3G mobile or USB modem to the PHS300 and you can share the connection with any Wi-Fi device. As well as the Li-Ion battery, you can run it off the mains, both of which give you enough juice for a USB modem. More deets and another pic below.twobig.jpgSupporting both WEP and WPA encryption, the PHS300 rocks a built-in firewall to protect you and communicates with Wi-Fi devices using 802.11b/g. There's also an optional 12v car adaptor available. Shipping December 20, the PHS300 will cost $US180. [Electronista]

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