Phantom Lapboard Ships on Phantom Dates

Phantom%20Lapboard%20GI.jpgPhantom Entertainment has certainly got the name right; they provide an excellent source of entertainment based on phantom product releases. The most recent of such products is the long-time-coming Phantom Lapboard, which is apparently available for purchase now. The asking price is $US130, and it ships on...wait a minute...when does it ship?That's right, those comedians are promising a most excellent lapboard, which will allow you on sofa access to your PC, but they aren't giving a shipping date! If you really, really want a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and a mobile mouse surface that looks good/exists, we say don't wait on this one. Most certainly do not cough up your hard earned cash till the sleighs are packed with the goodies. That penultimate sentence comprises part of Gizmodo's Christmas Advice for Chumps, there's no need to thank us. [Phantom Entertainment - Thanks, Donald. D]

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