Penryn Laptops This Way Cometh

Vaio%20Penryn%20GI.jpgWe've been harping on about Penryn processors for a while, and with the end of 2007 imminent, mobile Penryn processors are heading for laptops near your lap's top sometime soon. Which ones are to be getting the spanking new Intel treatment? We are glad you asked. Jump for a roundup of mobile Penryn based devices that will be hitting in early 2008.

Acer will be adding to their Aspire line with five new models (2920, 4920, 5920, 7720 and 9920). Their Travelmate line will also gain two new machines (6492 and 6592G.) Fugitsu-Siemans will join the parade with the Amilo Xi 2550 / 2428 and Sony will have a piece of the Penryn pie with four new VAIO lappies (FZ31, SZ71, CR31 and AR61.) We couldn't possibly give you the low down on all the laptops and their respective goodies, but those crazy folks at Notebook Italia have done a great job of detailing the ins and outs of all those above. Hit the links to check them out. If all that has not put you into a euphoric Penryn paralysis, nothing will. [Notebook Italia; Aspire, Travelmate, Amilo, Vaio via Engadget]

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