Optimus Tactus Touch Keyboard Should Be Called Optimus Retardus


While we love touch surfaces in Gizmodo, as people who type hundreds of thousands a word each week we know that there is a limit to them: keyboards. Like this Optimus Tactus, an extruded shape/touch surface/keyboard concept by Art.Lebedev. We really like the soon-to-be-released Optimus keyboard Art but, seriously, how often do you type in your computer? Artists, musicians and video editors would like something like this... however, there are LCD tablet displays and Tablet PCs in the market already and these people are not flying to get them. There is the issue of the price, as well: by the time this could be a commercial reality coming from China via Moscow, touch computing from Apple and Microsoft would be so ubiquitous that it won't make sense anymore. [Art.Lebedev]


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