O'Neill NavJacket Shows the Way with GPS, Integrated Audio/Video

ONeill_NavJacket.jpgO'Neill is offering its European market a glimpse of the snowy future with the NavJacket, a GoreTex parka with a stitched-in GPS receiver, speakers in the hood, and a "flexible display sleeve." We don't have any demonstration video (but damn do we wish we did). In fact, this is really the only picture floating around. But here's what we know:

• You'll get navigational guidance along mountain ski trails with both visual and audio cues. • Other realtime data like current speed, weather conditions, and route details will also be available. • There is a friend-finder function, which lets you track down your buddies or just follow them along a path. • This being a Europe-only product (for now), there's a Bluetooth component, too, which lets the jacket download data via phone.While a winter-sports site called Boardsport Source is reporting that the NavJacket will be "available as part of the O'Neill Fall/Winter 2008/09 collection," we didn't see a mention of it on the O'Neill site, and the same article says, "The NavJacket will be tested the coming winter season on selected areas in the Alps." My guess is that it's still a bit of a ways off, but damn do I ever want one. [Boardsport Source via CrunchGear]

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