NVIDIA's Three-Way SLI Graphics Cards Cost More Than Actual Three-Ways

sli_alx_system.jpgIf tying two video cards together in an SLI configuration doesn't quite get you the frames-per-second you need, NVIDIA's just intrduced three-way SLI, which does exactly what it sounds like. Now you can use their nForce 680i SLI motherboard to tie together tres GeForce 8800 GTX or 8800 Ultras to give a 2.8X boost over just using a single card—so you will be able to play Crysis at something more than the "slideshow" configuration.

You canget your own pre-built three-way SLI on the ALienware Area-51 ALX SLI, but will cost $US4999 with an overclocked quad-core inside. Not to bitch about the state of PC gaming too much, but when you need three SLI cards to run something on "high" graphics (the way the developer intended), isn't that prohibitively expensive—especially compared with a PS3 or Xbox where you can just plug and go? [SLI Zone via Electronista]

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