Nokia SU-27W Digital Pen to Finally Ship

nokia_su27w.jpgOn the heels of the Epos digital pen we showed you earlier this month, now Nokia gets into the act with the Nokia SU-27W Digital Pen, and this one goes a step further with Bluetooth connectivity. The idea is you write or draw something with this fat instrument on an ordinary piece paper, and everything you write is stored in its 1.3MB of flash memory on board. But there's something familiar and curious about this Nokia product.logitech_pen.jpgLogitech's version: Separated at birth?

First, we noticed the similarity between this and the LiveScribe Smartpen, demonstrated last May. Then, a bit of web sleuthing turns up the Logitech io2 Commercial Bluetooth Pen Pointing Device, looking like just about the same thing.

What gives, Nokia? Did you buy this technology from Logitech? And then we see mention of this product from way back in 2003, yet Nokia is planning to ship it for $240 on December 20. It's about time. But wait. The Logitech version will sell on Amazon a day earlier than that (tomorrow) for almost half that price. Come to think of it, maybe this whole digital pen thing is just another solution searching for a problem. [Oh Gizmo, via Nokia]

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