Sexy Nikon D3 Unboxing: A Preview of Your Holiday (Hopefully)

d3_unboxing1.jpgIf you want a little preview of what it might be like to open up one of these 12.1 megapixel (FX format) Nikon D3 DSLRs this holiday season, now is your chance to soak it all in thanks to the folks at chromatic. The unboxing may be a little short on text, but the pictures should hold you until you can get your own. Unfortunately, the $5700 price tag means that for many of you, this is as close as you are going to get. More info and an extra pic after the jump.d3_unboxing2.jpgIf the high price tag of the D3 is a little to rich for your blood, you can still score a D300 for about $2065. Still too expensive? In that case, I'm sorry for depressing you around the holidays. For a full gallery of unboxing shots hit the following link [chromatic] .

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