New Toshiba Clamshell Mobile Outed by FCC Filing

toshibafcc.jpgToshiba looks like it's taking a leaf out of HTC's design book with its upcoming G900 series smartphones, as revealed in recent FCC filings. The G910 and 920 are sleek little numbers, much shinier than the old G900 itself, and opting for clamshell form factors instead of slide-out keyboards. More info and a couple more pics after the jump.toshg910-3.jpgCarrying GSM/GPRS/UMTS with HSDPA, and with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0, they are likely to be pretty capable, and the 920 may even have in-built GPS. As with most info from FCC filings, the information is a little sketchy. But we can assume they'll at least be sporting Windows Mobile 6 and a Qualcomm CPU.

toshg910-2.jpgSD memory slots for expansion, dual cameras and a flash all add to the package, though that external screen does seem a bit on the titchy side. At least the screen looks decently sized, and the QWERTY keyboard big enough to be useful. We'll have to wait until Toshiba gets the official word out to learn more. [coolsmartphone]

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