New Old Enterprise Is Not the Real McCoy, Still Gives Star Trek Fans Stiffies

The rumoured new old Enterprise is not the real McCoy (good, because that will keep the surprise.) It's the work of CG artist Gabriel Köerner, who is the author of the video above and the gallery after the jump. However, they may not be far from the truth according to the new Star Trek's co-writer and executive producer:According to Roberto Orci, writing in the Trekmovie forums where the story was debunked, "they [Köerner renderings]are quite beautiful. A lot of nice work. You just can't deny the shape of the ship, which is so great — so elegant. Can't wait to show show you ours. With flames".

We can't wait either. Specially if Jimmy's warpster comes with sprayed flames. Here's a gallery of Gabriel's work on the ship:

Enterprise by Gabe Koerner 1Enterprise by Gabe Koerner 2Enterprise by Gabe Koerner 3Enterprise by Gabe Koerner 4Enterprise by Gabe Koerner 5Enterprise by Gabe Koerner 6Enterprise by Gabe Koerner 7Enterprise by Gabe Koerner 8


[Gabriel Köerner - Thanks Derek and Anthony]

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