New Gadgets for KITT 2.0 Revealed, Leather Pants Not Included

The new gadgets for KITT version 2.0 have been revealed, including every single technology a man who does not exist would ever need: laser weapons system, nanotech cloaking, laser-guided missile defense, 3D heads-up display, military-grade GPS, holographic projection and even a Mini-KITT reconnaissance drone (!?!) among 21 new gizmos. Surprisingly, all this technological terror leaves out three of the most amazing gadgets of the original KITT:

kitt2.jpgThey left out the grappling hook (a classic), the oil jets (come on, this is standard equipment in fantacars since James Bond's first Aston Martin!) and, get a load of this, the flame thrower. How the heck they can leave out the flame thrower, no matter how many DNA analysis equipment, mass spectrometers, holographic projectors, 360-degree video surveillance systems or heated seats the new KITT has? Are the producers crazy? All we can say is:

kitt-thissucks.jpgFor sure, all the gadgets and mechanics included in this Hasselhoffized Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR beat the pants off the cheesy good old 1982 Pontiac Trans Am, but we think that leaving these three devices out is completely inexcusable.

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Ah well, at least they included a 1000-Watt Quadraphonic Stereo System, which hopefully won't be used to play any of David Hasselhoff's tapes. [Popular Mechanics]

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