NBC Jumps Into SanDisk's Fanfare TV Download Service

SanDisk_Fanfare_NBC_Deal.jpgThough you can no longer buy episodes of "The Office," "Heroes" or "30 Rock" on iTunes, you will be able to purchase them in January from SanDisk's Fanfare service. Of course, if you recall, you can't download the shows to your computer. You will have to watch them on the $US100 to $150 SanDisk Sansa TakeTV, which has some sluggish controls and video quality that isn't exactly hot. I'm stoked that SanDisk scored NBC because I want to see where Fanfare can go, but this sort of bush-league alliance, forged in flagrant defiance of its former friend Apple, makes NBC-Universal look like some kind of slutty ex. [Reuters]

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