Mustek PF-i700 Digital Photo Frame Hooks up with Your IPod

mustek_frame_ipod2.jpgMustek just rolled out its PF-i700 digital photo frame that has an integrated iPod docking station. Since digital picture frames are so hot this holiday season, perhaps the company figured it might as well ride that wave file satisfying the iPod crowd the same time.

Unfortunately, like lots a inexpensive digital photo frames, its 7-inch LCD panel has a 16x9 aspect ratio with a low-rez 480x234 screen. That's not going to look too good, but hey, it's cheap at $US129.99, and you can watch MPEG 4, XviD and motion-JPEG movies on it.

Mustek helpfully tosses in a couple of stereo speakers with a headphone jack, but still, most digital cameras shoot in 4x3, so this 16x9 frame will usually give you black bands on either side of your pictures. Look for it in March. Bah, humbug. [Mustek]

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