MP4 Watch Strikes Again...No Longer Plays MP4

Picture%204.pngWe've seen this "MP4 Watch" before...though it looked a little different. We noticed the original about a year ago, and then an update not so long after. Now here is the latest version of the wristwatch PMP—the stuff Chinese OEM dreams are made of. An $US89, 4GB multimedia super watch, it can play back pictures .JPEG, BMP), music (MP3, WMA), and movies (MPEG4)...wait...what?

This newest MP4 Watch doesn't play sweet, modern MPEG4 compressed movies like its predecessors? No, actually it plays a file extension called MTV. And no, it has nothing to do with that MTV. MTV or .mtv is an MPEG video derivative that manufacturers have implemented to avoid licensing fees associated with MPEG4. And just swapping the extension won't do the trick—you have to send all your video through their conversion program. So while this watch can read ebooks, record voice, and even display your song lyrics, the older iterations could at least handle the real codecs. What can we say? They sure don't make 'em like they used to. [product via 7gadgets]

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