Motorola Zine, Totally Trademarked

motorola-zine.jpgWe've already covered a juicy rumour about Motorola developing Motorola Z10 successors known as "Zine". Hmm...maybe that's Zines when pluralised. Anyway, Motorola has filed a trademark for "Zine" in relationship to the following huge blockquote of smartphone technology categories.

Mobile telephones, pagers, radio transceivers, electronic personal organizers, headsets, microphones, speakers, carrying cases and phone holsters, computer software and programs used for transmission or reproducing or receiving of sound, light, images, text, video or data over a telecommunications network or system between terminals and for enhancing, interacting and facilitating use and access to computer and communication networks; computer e commerce software to allow user to safely place orders and make payments in the field of electronic business transactions via a global computer network or telecommunications network; computer game software for mobile handsets; computer software and programs for management and operation of wireless telecommunications devices; computer software for sending and receiving short messages and electronic mail and for filtering non-text information from the data; digital cameras, video cameras; data cards, modems, global positioning units, batteries, battery chargers, power adapters, antennas...[and] Wireless telephone services and electronic transmission of data and documents via communications networks and global computer networks.

Looks like our intel was pretty good and Motorola has eliminated their anti-vowel bias once and for all. [trademark via trademork]

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