Mitsubishi breaks $US2000 barrier with HC4900 1080p Home Theater Projector

mits_hc4900.jpgJust when all the other big guns are bringing their 1080p projectors down to the $US3000 level, in pops Mitsubishi breaking the $2000 barrier. Well, almost. The company is offering a $500 rebate on its HC4900 LCD 1080p home theater projector, for which it claims 1000 ANSI lumens of brightness (plenty bright for home theater) and a 7000:1 contrast ratio. Pick it up for $US2495 online or at a retail outlet (and you can find it for even less than that if you look around), download the rebate form here, send it in within 30 days of your purchase, and you'll receive $500 in the mail. Total price, $US1995 or less. Sweet deal and the lowest price for a 1080p projector we've seen yet. [Mitsubishi]

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