M++CARD Combines a Business Card With USB Storage

M%2B%2BCARD-USB-business-card.jpgThe benefits of combining USB storage with a business card are obvious. For one thing, it will get you noticed and make your card less dispensable. Second, it is a convenient and logical means to deliver important information to prospective employers and clients. Unfortunately, no one has truly succeeded in this endeavor (and simply printing your information on a thumb drive doesn't count). At the very least, this concept piece from designer Abhinav Dapke offers something approaching a solution.Basically a flap on the rear of the card can be used to attach different memory sizes, and a pair of slits can be used for the USB adapter. To be honest, it doesn't amount to much more than taping a USB drive to an existing card. Still, it is a fairly elegant approach to the problem —but it might make more sense to develop a thin all-in-one usb drive that is specifically designed to hold business cards. So, my guess is that this concept will have to go back to the drawing board a few times before a viable product can be developed. [Coroflot via Core77 via DVICE]

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