MAXRoam SIM Card, International Calls Made Local

sim.jpgWhen travelling between various countries, especially in Europe, it's easy for calls to become expensive and to rip through prepaid SIM cards like no tomorrow. MAXRoam is a new international pay as you go SIM card that seems like it could be an excellent way for travelers to save a few dollars on calls—up to 80% according to press release math. Storing up to 50 different numbers per card, users can call up to 40 countries with a "local number." These local calls, in turn, save you money. Yeah, sounds almost too simple, doesn't it? And there are some other neat bonuses, too.These different numbers can be handed out to friends or colleagues if you'd like to have separate lines or you do business/booty calls internationally. Plus, the SIM includes separate call forwarding and automated away message features.

At about $50, the MAXRoam SIM seems like a pretty good solution for international calls if you don't mind keeping up with a few extra phone numbers. The only catch seems to be a "small monthly fee," which we think is their $US3/month fee per line...which seems pretty reasonable. [product via mobileburn]

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