Marantz VP-11S2 Projector Makes Pretty Pictures

12272007_marantz.JPGIt's getting harder and harder to justify paying the price of a car on a home theatre projector when companies like Sony are releasing incredible projectors at budget prices, but we'd certainly take Manatz's unpriced but high end VP-11S2 1080p DLP projector if it showed up on our doorstep. The first projector on the market to feature Texas Instrument's DarkChip4 chipset, the unit's paper specs—800 lumens and 12,000:1 contrast ratio—probably do the image no justice. I mean, the freakin' color wheel spins at 10,800 RPM in near silence. If that doesn't get your motor running, I don't know what will. [marketnews via aboutprojectors]

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