Man Installs Industrial Power Cable to Power His Griswold-like Christmas Display

extreme_christmas_lights.jpgWhen UK based electrician (go figure) Alex Goodhind found that he couldn't make a cup of tea when his massive Christmas display was turned on, he decided to shell out £700 ($1600) to install a factory-strength 145amp power line to his home. The display took five weeks to put together, and it will run him about $1000 in additional electricity costs over the course of three weeks. Additional pic and info after the break.

extreme_christmas_lights2.jpgI suppose it goes without saying that Goodhind is a big fan of Christmas, electricity, and tea —but the display also has a charitable component which makes it seem far less insane. Each year the display raises nearly $6500 for a local hospice. [Metro via Peculiarosities]

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