Make Your Own Steampunk MP3 Player, Prove You're a Cool Nerd

steampunk_mp3player%20GI.jpgLast month we featured the awesome steampunk themed MP3 player, called the Ambience Enhancer, which gathered quite some interest. If you missed it, check the image above to see what all the fuss was about. Thankfully, the chaps at Instructables have procured a complete how to, but if you have the patience of an ADHD prone lab rat, perhaps it's better you give this one a miss. Sufficed to say, it is certainly going to take you longer than setting up that new speaker set Santa dropped off for Christmas. I ruined the surprise—damn, I'm always doing that. Follow the link for the extensive tutorial, and if you undertake the project, send us pictures of the final product. [Instructables]

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