MadCatz HDMI Conversion Kit Brings HDMI to Premium, Core Xbox 360s

xbox360hdmi.jpgThe last time we saw HDMI cables for the Xbox 360 it was from the now out-of-business Lik-Sang. This HDMI Conversion Kit however, is from MadCatz, who have brought interesting and innovative products to market without going arse up.

The concept is simple. Plug this into the back of a Core or Premium machine—the ones that don't have an HDMI slot built in—and you'll get a brand new HDMI port of your very own. It's unclear how the image quality is going to be when it converts analog VGA-out to digital HDMI. We've contacted Madcatz for details and we'll update when we know more. If you really want HDMI, you can always just grab an Elite. The price difference between the two is just about the same as the $90 you'd spend on this. [Gamestop]

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