Looks Like Santa Will Have to Leave New Boobs Under the Xmas Tree

dear_santa.jpgIn an attempt to score herself a sweet new rack, this married mother of four managed to gather up two Wiis and 7 Guitar Hero IIIs for auction on eBay.

So I set out 3 weeks ago to find 20 Wii's and sell them for $500-ish a piece like everyone else is doing to buy myself a Christmas.gift, a new set of boobs. You see mine are used, as in milk factory used. We-I am married-have 4 children and I have spent 8 years pregnant and nursing. I have promised myself for 2 years now that THIS YEAR I would get a new pair.

As previously mentioned, she only managed to score two Wiis (which is still pretty damn good) and 7 GH II units. Unfortunately, this particular auction only netted her $US497 —far short of the money she hoped to receive after hearing how "a dad sold his pot-smoking son's Guitar Hero on Ebay as punishment for $10K."

Presumably, she still has one Wii remaining and a whole mess of Guitar Heroes, but at this rate it looks like Santa will have to leave her some new boobs under the Christmas tree. Oh, and her auction description ends with "So thanks for listening and don't tell my husband, he will ring my neck if he saw I did this but desperate is desperate and he'll be happy with the end result." Whoops! [eBay via Crunchgear]

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