Lightning Round: Homedics Brethe Air Revitalizer

homedics.jpgThe Gadget: Homedics Brethe, an air "neutraliser" that's essentially an air purifier and liquid scent dispensing machine.

The Price: $US59

The Verdict: Unlike normal aerosol sprays or room scenting plug-ins, the Brethe Air Revitalizer is actually supposed to filter air as well as freshen it with scents. The scent part is nice, and comes in lime, vanilla, citrus or lavender. You add two teaspoons to a bowlful of water, and when you switch the thing on, the liquid sloshes around in the base in order to dispense the scents. We're not sure how well the filtering is supposed to work (there's no actual filter), but I tested it in my bathroom after doing some "dirty work" and could only smell "fragrant lime" and not "disgusting log." The Brethe worked equally well in the kitchen after cooking up a particularly onion-y meal. The only downside to this is that you need to refill the tank with 2 teaspoons of liquid once in a while (around six hours of use), and that the fan is kind of loud so you probably won't want to use this while you're sleeping or working. The air really does smell a lot "fresher" when it's in use, though we're not sure if that's because of the scent or the "filtering"—but it's nice. If you don't mind spending sixty bucks, this is a fantastic alternative to normal air fresheners. [Homedics]

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