Lightning Round: eStarling Picture Frame Hits a Home Run on Third Attempt

estarling_front.jpgYou may recall that hapless eStarling picture frame we tested last year at this time, where version 1.0 had a Wi-Fi radio that didn't work for diddly squat. Version 2.0 didn't fare much better with its screen that was so bad it was barely tolerable. Well, we're here to tell you that eStarling has now busted out version 3.0, and this one works.

eStarling SetupeStarling TopeStarling in situ

Setup is relatively simple, and requires a download of a configuration application. All went smoothly when Wi-Fi reception was possible.

Its WiFi receiver still isn't strong enough, because it could pick up our powerful Wi-Fi network in some areas of our Midwest Test Facility, but not in others, even when other Wi-Fi devices received the signal in the same locations with ease.

It receives photos via an email address, which is a real kick. It works, too, and the pictures look especially good in the eStarling's 800x600 display. It claims to be the only picture frame to which you can directly email photos, no registration required. Go ahead, surprise us with your best photos—email them to tempamatica AT

The eStarling also receives RSS feeds from Flickr, Picasa, AOL, Smugmug, Photobucket, or any other RSS feed. That also works quite well.

The 8" frame looks pretty swank. It has a shiny black finish, although there was an annoying piece of lint pressed between its outside glass and the LCD display on our demo unit.

We like the way the frame's display has a 4x3 aspect ratio, which fits most of the pictures we take around here. No black bars on the top or bottom, or on the sides, either. Nice.

At $US249.95, it's more expensive than most 8-inch picture frames, but with its Wi-Fi capabilities, email accessibility and sharp resolution, it's worth it. [eStarling]

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