LG Xcanvas HDTV Is Made of Bad Puns


The LG Xcanvas HDTV has got wood—or faux wood—we're not really sure. But the TV sure looks like it's got wood, and that's enough for us. Sacrificing the illusion of colors that pop by ditching a conventional black frame, the LCD display still holds its own with full 1080p resolution at 120Hz (cutting down on motion artifacts greatly when compared to older, 60Hz sets). Aside from the unique design, the only other detail of merit is a USB port that allows the playback of MP3s and photos. Otherwise these are pretty standard, higher-end LCDs coming in 42", 47" and 52" sizes. The sets are Korea only for now, and we're hoping they display images other than mimes. [akihabaranews via ubergizmo]

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