Leaked Intel Penryn Chips, Just in Time for Macworld

imacpenryn.jpgIntel's latest and greatest mobile Penryn processors have (near positively) been leaked for the world to see. These new Core 2 Duo and Core 2 (Extreme!!!) processors are built on the 45nm scale (as opposed to 65nm architecture). Smaller, faster, cooler and all around better, they will most likely be officially announced at the start of CES this January...right in time for Macworld (*cough* tablet please *cough*). Here are the prices and specs:

X9000 2.8 GHz, 44W, 6MB Price: $979

T9500 2.6 GHz, 35W, 6MB Price: $610

T9300 2.5 GHz, 35W, 6MB Price: $364

T8300 2.4 GHz, 35W, 3MB Price: $277

T8100 2.1 GHz, 35W, 3MB Price: $240

For a long time I wouldn't take laptops seriously because they were so whimpy. Those days are very much over. [dailytech]

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