Korean Guy Announces Three Silliest-Looking Inventions Ever

A genius and Ph.D. of Aerospace Engineering who goes by the name of Kicheon Han has popped in our tips line today with what could be The Best Three Inventions of the Year 2007: the "Waist Computer," which also converts your laptop into hanging tray for cigarette girls; "Folding cloth," to fool everyone with your fake parachute, then hear them laugh while you put it on under the rain; and our new all-time-favourite "Back of the Hand Phone," which defies any description except that it's perfect as an excuse to perform your best "I'm so le tired" pose while you make a call. We can't wait to see your favorite in the poll after the jump. In the meantime, read the inventions descriptions by Kicheon himself.

Back of Hand Phone

This phone/PMP/PDA/MP3 is mounted on back of hand and this phone is attached with wrist strap and finger ring for thumb and index finger. This phone is mounted on back of hand between wrist and thumb-index finger. With this phone, the main body of phone can be made larger than wrist phone so bigger screen and battery because this area is larger than wrist for most people. With phone with this position, viewing of screen is more pleasant and this is the best phone carrying method. With this invention, you will never lose phone and listing music, watching video with ease. I think this phone is perfect for 3G image phone because camera on phone can capture image of face with best angle.

Folding Cloth

A cloth (Jumper/Jacket) that can be folded and carried on back in indoor/car or during warm daytime and unfold and wear at cold outdoor or cold night. The key point of this invention is attaching locking mechanism (like zipper) on either side of trunk. Very easy to make and minor modification to jacket is needed. Many people said this invention the best and most practical of the three.

Waist Computer

Notebook computer with waist belt and body so can be hanged the notebook computer around waist. Simple and easy computer carrying method and can use your computer during walking or standing position or sit position. Keyboard can be seen slently during walking or in stand position. Plenty room for auxilary battery and etc. On table use, simply unlock the belt and position the waist computer on table and use it.

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(Thank you, Kicheon Han. We love you.)

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