Keyport Slide Update: $60 Version Coming 2008

keyportslide.pngNot to inundate you with endless updates about the keyport key device, but we've got some news that you'll be glad to hear. After the limited edition $US300 run is done, there's going to be a cheaper $US50 edition of the Keyport slide some time in 2008.

Hopefully the keyport people don't take a page from the Optimus' book and gimp the lower-end version so hard that it's essentially worthless. Adding on keys to a keyboard is pretty lame, but adding on keys to a keychain is, well, just as lame. Most of you wouldn't pay $345 for something that consolidates six of your keys into one gadget, but would you pay $60? We would. We'd probably pay even more if they could make one of the keys a knife. Stabby stabby. [Key-Port]

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