Kenyans Can Now Max Out Their Credit Cards Wirelessly

basharacard.jpgThose poor Africans. When they want to use their credit cards to go on a spending spree at Bloomingdale's, they just can't do it because there aren't enough phone lines to handle all those credit card transactions. That's where this Siemens BiasharaPhone MTT 1581 might bring African countries, specifically Kenya, into the 21st century.

It not only lets the few dozen people in that country who have credit cards swipe them in this device, but it also prints out a receipt and sends the charge data via the cell network to the mothership. Kidding aside, this might actually make life safer in Africa, eliminating the need to transport cash, a dangerous proposition since not that much cash is around anyway.

But what about the dearth of credit card holders on that continent? Given the nature of the subprime credit card companies here in the States, we're thinking there might be a rush to blanket Africa with credit cards now. [Swift Global, via bb Gadgets]

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