JR Central Says World's Fastest Maglev Train Arrives in 2025

Maglev_JR_Central.jpgIt may be the world's fastest, a maglev bullet train capable of exceeding 500 kph (310 mph), but it feels like the world's slowest to arrive. JR Central announced today that it would deploy its maglev system in 2025 to carry commuters between Tokyo and central Japan (despite one test of the technology resulting in a crash, and the death of 23 people, last year). The cost will not be minimal either—about $50 billion—which is why the company's stock fell nearly 9% after it made the announcement. And the Japanese government can't/won't bankroll it. In the meantime, the maglev train in Shanghai may get longer and faster, and proposed projects in Germany and even the US could take off too. [AFP/SMH]

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