Is Sega Working on Dreamcast II? Please Let This Be True

dreamcast2.jpgI know that there are a lot of Dreamcast fanboys out there, so let me get your hopes up (only to have them dashed later on down the line most likely). A recent trademark update by Sega has sparked rumours that they may be thinking about a return to the console biz with a second coming of the Dreamcast. From the filing:

home video game machines; player-operated electronic controllers for electronic video game machines; video game interactive controller, namely, hand held pads, and floor pads or mats; joysticks for video games; computer cursor control devices, namely, computer mouse; flash memory cards; video game software, computer game programs

Flash memory cards and floor pads/mats? Any Dreamcast fan would tell you that those devices were not involved with the original machine. Odds are that this means nothing in the long run—after all, this is probably not the time to pick a fight with the big three. As our friends at Kotaku noted, it probably means that Sega is trying to prevent somebody from developing these devices under a Dreamcast brand. Still, the idea of a new Dreamcast is a pleasant thought. What do you think? Could and should Sega consider this? [Videogamer via Kotaku]

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