iPond Combines Portable Speaker With a Fish Tank, Enrages Animal Rights Activists

ipond_wideweb__470x310%2C0.jpgPet stores in Australia have been selling a portable speaker with a built-in fish tank, designed to hook up to portable audio devices like the iPod. The cleverly named iPond, which is currently drawing fire from animal rights groups for not providing adequate space for a fish to live. Melbourne Aquarium officials say the Betta fish sold with the iPond need a 10 liter tank to swim and get a proper amount of oxygen, but the iPond's tank is only 650 milliliters. Acoustics experts also say sound from the speaker, which is built into the bottom of the iPond, could transfer into fish tank, bringing up another potential hazard.

But even if Aussies are ambivalent to bleeding heart animal rights activists, they should still avoid the iPond because it looks like a cheap piece of garbage selling for an inflated $70. [Sydney Morning Herald]

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