iPod nano Becomes Gold-Plated Zune with Gilty Couture

Gilty_Couture_nano.jpgThere's a new Swarovski-encrusting, gold-plating organisation on the rise, going by the name of Gilty Couture. It's got a wide-range of precious metal hard-cases from $60 to $225, with crystals "evoking the Gilded Age of the late 1800s." However, one enclosure in particular evokes something else: it gives the newest "fat" iPod nano a Swarovski trim that makes look an awful lot like a first-gen Zune. My guess is that this was unintentional, but hey, if you're one of those fence-ridin' types, this might be your ideal stocking stuffer, in gold or silver. [Gilty Couture]

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