iPhone/iTouch Gets PlayStation Emulator

iphonetactics.jpgThe NES emulator for the iPhone was hard enough to control with the touchscreen that we can't imagine how frustrating it would be to try and play a PlayStation 1 game on the iPhone or iTouch. Luckily for us this is still a work in progress and these screens (bonus one after the jump) that show button placement aren't quite final. What we do know is that screen scaling will be improved, sound will be supported, there will be four face buttons and 75% of games will be compatible. It would be 1000% better if someone could hook up a wireless Bluetooth controller to the iPhone/iTouch to play this instead of smashing the screen with your fingers, covering up parts of the action. [Zodttd] iphonebuster.jpgThe developer also says he's giving out betas to people who donated to him for gpSPhone and psx4iphone. We're not sure how kosher that is, but you should watch out in case you're trying to donate in order to get one of these early.

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