Intelligent Lantern for People Who Like Son with Their Lumiere

lantern_220x284.jpgThe intelligent lantern could be termed the Swiss Army Knife of flashlights—although the purists among you will probably complain that you can't file your nails, peel an orange or get a stone out of a horse's hoof with it. As well as a super-bright beam that can be seen a mile away, the nine-inch outdoor gizmo rocks stereo speakers, an AM/FM tuner, access to NOAA Weatherband and an MP3-compatible connection. There's a digital clock, and as well as running on 6 C batteries (alkaline or rechargeable) you can also run it through your vehicle's cigarette lighter or the mains. And all of this will cost you just $US39.[Norm Thompson via Crave via PopGadget]

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