Intel Shows Off All-In-Winder Chip: Wi-Fi, WiMax and DVB-H Digital TV

love_boat_WiMax.jpgEven though national WiMax deployment's on sorta shaky ground, Intel's got money invested so by god it's full speed ahead on hardware. They've got a new chippie that has circuitry for vanilla Wi-Fi, WiMax and DVB-H digital TV. (The DVB-H support's kind of useless on this side of the pond, though.) The neat thing about it beyond that the all-in-one dealio is that it's designed for seamless switching between Wi-Fi and WiMax and is proof of concept for a class of chimerical software-defined radios that could mix in a whole mess of standards, like CDMA, GSM and whatever else is in the bucket. Will it blend? Yes. [Electronics Weekly via /.]

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