Insulin Watch Concept Gives You Your Fix and Tells the Time

Bild_HBK_Braunschweig_mittel.jpgSufferers of Type-I diabetes will appreciate this concept insulin-delivering watch from Germany. Piezoelectricity generated by the wearer's movements drive the insulin-delivering pumps in the watch body, which contains enough of the drug for two to three weeks. The idea is to make life a little more normal for diabetics rather than have them wrestle with syringes each day. Jump for more info.A student at Braunschweig University of Art called Nicole Schmeidel came up with the idea after watching a film of an 8-year old kid using a clunky insulin pump. Her device, named COR, combines a better delivery system with wrist-watch styling that she hopes will improve the quality of life of diabetics. Multiple piezo-electric transducers, originally designed for European satellites, turn the movements of the wearer into electrical current, which is then stored and used to drive pumps that deliver insulin intravenously.

Nicole intends it to look "like a watch and not a medical device", so its display switches to watch mode when the pump is not operating. The design won an award at the recent Design Technology Student Awards at the Materialica trade fair in Munich, so she is hoping to get COR into production and onto the wrists of diabetes sufferers as soon as possible. [ESA via Eureka]

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