Ice Brkr Takes All Human Interaction Out of Going to Bars

nerdbar.jpgYes, I know, going up to a girl in a bar and introducing yourself is hard. What if she shuts you down?! Your fragile ego will be shattered! But really, it's not so bad. And I'm pretty sure the alternative that Ice Brkr is proposing is much worse. The new service, which is clearly destined to fail, would allow you to send a text message to any fine-looking lady you're too much of a pussbag to talk to and hope she deigns you worthy to talk to her. Beyond this being a lousy idea because it would require everyone to have this program on their phones, which will obviously never happen, it envisions a future in which personal contact is even further taken out of our lives. Here's an idea, guys: grow a pair. It's cheaper. [Product Page via Textually]

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