Honda to Mass Produce Hydrogen Cars in 10 Years


While I desperately could use a new car (OK, it's fine and I barely drive, but my ego could certainly use it), I have a hard time buying into any technology in the auto market. Gas prices are only getting worse (as we run out of the stuff) and hybrids are a bandage where we need stitches or maybe an amputation. But for those who missed our original article, the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell car drives like a dream, emits nothing but water vapor and can be leased by real people to actually drive. It's a viable product...but only 100 are on the market.

So when is Honda planning to mass produce their awesome fuel cell technology? Not for 10 years according to Honda President Takeo Fukui. Why? Or should we say, WHY???????????

It doesn't seem like they're waiting on the cars themselves. Instead, it's a lack of hydrogen refuel stations that is making the job difficult along with a lack of a feasible home solution for consumers. So Honda is working on the home solution part. And while it sounds like a nice idea, I don't mind stopping at the gas station every once in a while...and we'll certainly have plenty of open corners once hydrogen technology destroys fossil fuels. But apparently Honda plans to build their own infrastructure within the home to force private business to follow. [jcnnetwork]

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